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Tourism of Kerala essaysKerala is probably the greenest place you will ever see, it is one of the 10 paradises in the world. The coconut palms, the red tiles houses, the innumerable lakes and beaches will remain long lasting impressions to any visitor.

The colourful festivals, various types of danc. Ecotourism is a new concept in tourism. It is a purposeful travel to natural areas to understand the cultural and natural history of environment, taking care not to alter the integrity of the ecosystem, while producing economic opportunities that make conservation of natural resources beneficial to local people.

Kerala has achieved the status it enjoys today through its ecotourism initiatives. Growing at a pace of %, the state’s tourism industry is a major contributor to its economy. Most favored destinations of both Indians and non-Indians, Kerala is popular for its beaches, mountain ranges, backwaters and.

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For example, illegal collectors of Cinnamomum bark turned into true protectors of forests when involved in ecotourism in Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala suggesting a dire necessity for similar models which decentralize conservation roles and responsibilities.

A Study on the Environmental Impacts of Ecotourism in Kodagu District, Karnataka This study is conducted to examine the positive and negative environmental impacts of ecotourism in Kodagu district. The study involved the participations of the experts who have Hassan district in the north and the state of Kerala to the south.

The total. ecotourism under a project jointly organised by the APO and ACTIM, France in October This book is primarily based on the papers presented during these two events.

To commemorate this International Year of Ecotourism, the APO is pleased to present this book “Linking Green Productivity to Ecotourism: Experiences in the Asia–Pacific Region”.

Ecotourism in kerala essay
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